About Us

Ainak is centrally located in Winchester, Kentucky for distribution throughout North America. We are a premier supplier of rubber molded goods such as custom O-rings, rubber grommets, rubber bushings, and rubber seals. Additionally, we supply injection-molded plastic goods in various materials. We can mold in Polypropylene, ABS, PVC, Nylon and all engineered plastics.

Our metal stampings capability includes simple one-shot stampings to complex progressive dies. We can also provide excellent finishes (painted, coated, power-coated) to these parts. Hose assemblies compliment our other capabilities. We can provide low pressure and high pressure hoses with bends, end fittings, clamps, protective sleeves and other components.

Our custom foam product line is used by customers looking for a quality, lower-cost solution for their foam requirements. We supply all types of foam in custom shapes and sizes. We excel at providing value-added services such as sub-assemblies. Many of our customers have profited from our capabilities to provide turn-key, high-quality assemblies of complex rubber molded, injection molded, metal-stamped parts. Your company will lower your overall costs using our sub-assembly capabilities. 


What began as a sales office in Southern California in 1988 soon grew to include a midwest stocking warehouse to service the ever-growing North American automotive market. As business continued to grow, the need for a better facility to support JIT programs arose. In 1997, after an exhaustive search for the ideal location, Winchester, Kentucky was chosen due to its close proximity to the automotive suppliers and the excellent workforce it contained. Ainak currently provides sales, distribution, quality, and inspection services for the many parts produced by our global network of suppliers.

Our Global Family

Ainak is the North American subsidiary of Gomunoinaki Company, Ltd. based in Nagoya, Japan. The Gomunoinaki Company was founded in 1919 as a manufacturer and supplier of molded rubber components. Today the Gomunoinaki Companies manufacture and ship from three continents and manufacture rubber, plastic, foam and stamping components in 9 locations worldwide.


GI (Head Office)
Engineering/Design/Material Development & Testing




Genasco (Ainak MX)
Assembly/Rubber Molding/Thermoforming


Inaki Tech Chenzhou
Rubber Molding


Plastic Molding


Rubber Molding


Rubber Molding


NRT / Siamnak
Rubber Molding


PTY / Nesinak
Rubber Molding

Czech Republic

Sales / Distribution